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Echtzeit-Aktienkurs VIOHALCO S.A.
Bid: 3,435€ Ask: 3,675€
Allgemeine Informationen
Börsenwert:921,42 Mio. EUR (259,19 Mio. x 3,555€)
KUV 0,250,300,250,21
KGV --12,5212,09
Div. Rend. ----
Quelle: Facunda

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Börsenkurse VIOHALCO S.A.

Börse Stuttgart 3,495€ 2500 3,495€ 2500 3,495€ -1,13%
Lang & Schwarz 3,490€ 1405 3,620€ 1405 3,555€ -0,07%
Euro Indikation 3,435€ 0 3,675€ 0 3,555€ 0,00%

Fundamentaldaten der VIOHALCO S.A. Aktie

Income Statement: 10-Year-Summary

Datum Umsatz EBIT Gewinn EPS Dividende KGV KUV
2018 4,41 Mrd. 97,55 Mio. 76,11 Mio. 0,29 - 12,09 0,21
2017 3,72 Mrd. 57,02 Mio. 73,68 Mio. 0,28 - 12,52 0,25
2016 3,11 Mrd. 8,00 Mio. -6,38 Mio. -0,03 - - 0,30
2015 3,27 Mrd. -37,67 Mio. -59,99 Mio. -0,27 - - 0,25
2014 2,94 Mrd. -92,24 Mio. -59,41 Mio. -0,27 - - 0,27
2013 2,89 Mrd. -194,56 Mio. -173,34 Mio. -0,86 - - 0,27
2012 3,32 Mrd. -76,13 Mio. -50,10 Mio. -0,21 - - 0,24
2011 3,54 Mrd. -49,41 Mio. -42,70 Mio. -0,19 - - 0,22
2010 2,96 Mrd. -29,80 Mio. -20,93 Mio. -0,10 - - 0,26
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Profil der VIOHALCO S.A. Aktie

Viohalco SA/NV is a holding company, which engages in metal processing. It operates through the following segments: Aluminium, Copper, Cables, Steel, Steel Pipes, and Real Estate and Other Activities. The Aluminium segment delivers a wide variety of products from aluminium coils and sheets for general applications and aluminium foil for household use, to special products, such as rolled and extruded aluminium products for shipbuilding, automotive and construction industries, and lithographic coils. The Copper segment produces copper and copper alloy products that span from copper and brass tubes, copper strips, sheets, and plates, to copper bus bars and rods. The Cables segment manufactures cable such as power, telecommunication, and submarine cables well as enamelled wires and compounds. The Steel segment produces long, flat and downstream steel products. The Steel Pipes segment engages in the production of steel pipes for the transportation of natural gas, oil, and water networks, as well as steel hollow sections which are used in construction projects. The Real Estate and Other Activities segment develops industrial real estate properties in Greece and Bulgaria; includes research and development (R&D) companies and R&D centers within the companies which focus on innovative and high value added products, efficient solutions for the optimization of industrial and business processes, research into the environmental performance of plants, and impact assessment of sustainable growth; trades and processes secondary raw materials, undertakes waste management and environmental operations, and provides services to consumers and corporate companies; and holds investments in smaller companies, such as ceramic sanitary ware and tiles and insurance brokerage. The company was founded on May 31, 2013 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

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