[WKN: 865511 | ISIN: US6153942023] Aktienkurse
95,323$ 2,21%
Echtzeit-Aktienkurs MOOG Inc
Bid: 94,902$ Ask: 95,744$
Allgemeine Informationen
Börsenwert:3,32 Mrd. EUR (34,80 Mio. x 95,323$)
KUV 1,391,421,361,22
KGV 28,4527,4724,4435,61
Div. Rend. ---0,79%
Quelle: Facunda

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Börsenkurse MOOG Inc

Börse Stuttgart 84,500€ 0 85,250€ 0 84,875€ 0,36%
Dollar Indikation 94,902$ 0 95,744$ 0 95,323$ 2,21%
Euro Indikation 84,500€ 0 85,250€ 0 84,875€ 3,26%
Tradegate 84,690€ 180 85,560€ 180 85,125€ 3,08%

Fundamentaldaten der MOOG Inc Aktie

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Income Statement: 10-Year-Summary

Datum Umsatz EBIT Gewinn EPS Dividende KGV KUV
2018 2,71 Mrd. 183,84 Mio. 96,51 Mio. 2,68 0,79% 35,61 1,22
2017 2,50 Mrd. 181,71 Mio. 141,28 Mio. 3,90 0,00% 24,44 1,36
2016 2,41 Mrd. 172,86 Mio. 126,75 Mio. 3,47 0,00% 27,47 1,42
2015 2,53 Mrd. 183,83 Mio. 131,88 Mio. 3,35 0,00% 28,45 1,39
2014 2,65 Mrd. 218,92 Mio. 158,20 Mio. 3,52 0,00% 27,08 1,49
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Profil der MOOG Inc Aktie

Moog, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and integrator of precision motion, fluid controls and systems for applications in aerospace, defense and industrial markets. It operates through five segments: Aircraft Controls, Space and Defense Controls, Industrial Systems, Components and Medical Devices. The Aircraft Controls segment designs, manufactures and integrates primary and secondary flight controls for military and commercial aircraft and provides aftermarket support and also supplies ground-based navigation aids which are used in large commercial transports, supersonic fighters, multi-role military aircraft, business jets and rotorcraft. The Space and Defense Controls segment provides controls for satellites and space vehicles, launch vehicles, armored combat vehicles, tactical and strategic missiles, security and surveillance and other defense applications. It also designs, manufactures and integrates propulsion systems and components (attitude control and orbit insertion) and actuation systems and components for deploying solar panels and antennae pointing for commercial and military satellites. The Industrial Systems segment designs and manufactures electric pitch controls and blade monitoring systems for wind turbines and also supplies electromechanical motion simulation bases for the flight simulation and training markets. The Components segment designs and manufactures a series of fractional horsepower brushless motors that provide extremely low acoustic noise and reliable long life operation with products, including slip rings, fiber optic rotary joints and motors. The Medical Devices segment operates within various medical devices market areas, including infusion therapy, enteral clinical nutrition, sensors and surgical hand pieces. This segment also manufactures and distributes ultrasonic and optical sensors used to detect air bubbles in infusion pump lines and ensure accurate fluid delivery. The company was founded by William C. Moog in 1951 and is headquartered in East Aurora, NY.

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