Kemet Corporation
[WKN: A1C8KG | ISIN: US4883602074] Aktienkurse
17,634$ 1,17%
Echtzeit-Aktienkurs Kemet Corporation
Bid: 17,487$ Ask: 17,781$
Allgemeine Informationen
Börsenwert:998,79 Mio. EUR (56,64 Mio. x 17,634$)
KUV 0,971,101,090,83
KGV --20,274,06
Div. Rend. ----
Quelle: Facunda

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Börsenkurse Kemet Corporation

Dollar Indikation 17,487$ 0 17,781$ 0 17,634$ 1,17%
Euro Indikation 15,678€ 0 15,910€ 0 15,794€ 1,63%
Börse Stuttgart 15,678€ 640 15,910€ 569 15,794€ 2,73%
Tradegate 15,678€ 640 15,910€ 569 15,794€ 1,88%
Lang & Schwarz 15,693€ 769 15,925€ 769 15,809€ 1,30%

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Income Statement: 10-Year-Summary

Datum Umsatz EBIT Gewinn EPS Dividende KGV KUV
2018 1,20 Mrd. 187,52 Mio. 254,53 Mio. 4,34 0,00% 4,06 0,83
2017 757,79 Mio. 10,64 Mio. 47,99 Mio. 0,87 0,00% 20,27 1,09
2016 735,61 Mio. -31,22 Mio. -53,63 Mio. -1,17 0,00% - 1,10
2015 823,19 Mio. -12,13 Mio. -19,74 Mio. -0,44 0,00% - 0,97
2014 833,67 Mio. -56,30 Mio. -68,50 Mio. -1,52 0,00% - 0,96
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Profil der Kemet Corporation Aktie

KEMET Corp. engages in the manufacturing of capacitors. The company's product offerings include tantalum, multilayer ceramic, solid and electrolytic aluminum and film and paper capacitors. It manufactures a broad line of capacitors in many different sizes and configurations using a variety of raw materials. The company operates its business through two segments: Solid Capacitors, and Film and Electrolytic. The Solid Capacitors segment products are commonly used in conjunction with integrated circuits, and the same circuit may, and frequently does, contain both ceramic and tantalum capacitors. Tantalum capacitors are a popular choice because of their ability for high capacitance in a small volume package. While ceramic capacitors are more cost-effective at lower capacitance values, tantalum capacitors are more cost-effective at higher capacitance values while solid aluminum capacitors can be more effective in special applications. Film, paper, and aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be used to support integrated circuits, but also are used in the field of power electronics to provide energy for applications such as motor starts, power conditioning, electromagnetic interference filtering safety and inverters. Capacitors account for the largest market within the passive component product grouping. The Film and Electrolytic segment produces film, paper, and electrolytic capacitors. This segment operates manufacturing sites throughout Europe, Asia, Mexico and the United States and maintains a product innovation center in Sweden. The company was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Simpsonville, SC.

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